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Christmas 2017


Or Christmas Parties before Christmas


All orders are 50% prepay, we do take credit cards just stop in, orders will be taken until

Dec. 16. by 3 PM.


We will be open Dec. 23. 8 AM till 3 PM, we will be closed on the 24.

We have a seven business day cancelation. 

Place your orders early!

All items are Naturally Gluten Free,

Unless labeled vegan so they will be GF and V

We take Gluten Free to the next level!


We have 18 very colorful flavors

Large or Mini sold by the dozen

Mix only

Large $ 27.00

Mini $ 18.00

Better than a cookie tray any day.

Handmade Candies

Mix and match only

1 dozen minimum they range from $ 1.50 each to $ 2.50 each


Raspberry folds
Available Vegan

Nut Crescents

Caramel Cardamom Squares

$ 19.00/#

Vegan $ 20.00/#

Minimum a dozen of one type



A chocolate hazelnut crust and a raspberry jam filling

Available Vegan

Pistachio Milk Chocolate

Grand Marnier Walnut

Whole $ 50.00 each

Vegan $ 55.00




Whole $ 60.00

Good for 8-10 slices

Available Vegan

$ 70.00


All Available Vegan

Cinnamon Apple

Chocolate Candy Cane

Vanilla or Chocolate

Minimum 6 of one flavor, $ 19.50

Vegan for 6 of one flavor $ 24.00




Multi five layers of vanilla walnut cake and layered with a five layers of pastry cream filling and topped with fondant glaze on top, the only true Hungarian cake in Pittsburgh.

10-inch cake $ 90.00

Available Vegan (made with almond milk)

$ 100.00


A rich chocolate cake, three layers of cake layered with apricot jam and topped with fudgy chocolate glaze, a chocolate lovers dream and a traditional Austrian specialty.

10-inch cake $ 84.00

Available Vegan

$ 94.00


Five layers of vanilla cake layered with chocolate buttercream again five layers and topped with a caramelized sugar topping, a Hungarian classic.

10-inch cake $ 84.00 each

Available Vegan

$ 94.00

Only at Café Chocolade

Yule Logs, Buche de Noel


With a chocolate butter cream filling

$ 64.00

Available Vegan

$ 74.00



With a cream cheese filing

Whole good for 10-12 slices

$ 64.00

Available Vegan

$ 84.00


Cranberry Pecan Multi Grain

$ 14.00

6 rolls $ 14.50

Both Naturally Vegan

White Loaf

$ 12.50

6 rolls $ 12.00

Both Naturally Vegan

Three cheese Focaccia (flat bread) perfect for your cheese plate

Minimum 2 per order

$ 13.00

Available Vegan

$ 14.00

Pizza crust for the Children

Multi Grain

Minimum 2 per order $ 16.00

Naturally Vegan



We have 18 different dry pastas

All Naturally Vegan



Nut Rolls



$ 30.00 each


Leek, Vidalia onion, and goat cheese

Basil pesto, cherry tomato and mozzarella

Vegan Options

Leek, Vidalia onion and dairy free mozzarella 

Basil pesto, cherry tomato and mozzarella 

All $ 33.00 each


We also offer New Years Pretzels Gluten Free

Walnut or Pecan

Who else has GF NY Pretzels?

Place your New Years orders early.


Café Chocolade

7061 Steubenville Pike

412 788 40 41

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