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Café Chocolade Lunch Specials
For your office function or a private party at home we cater, be it sweets or a whole dinner.
We are a small European style Bakery and have limited seating, if you would like to call and reserve a table, please do so.
We will be happy to hold a table for you.
If you do not wish to make dinner, let Café Chocolade do it for you. Call early and reserve your special of the day and I will have it ready for you on your drive home.

Café Chocolade's menu

June 20 – 24



*Let us know if you have any food allergies before ordering!


BYOBeverage any bottle is fine $ 1.00 per bottle


This week’s Menu

All Salads and Lunches are available each day all week long.

Sometimes things run out, we make everything from scratch.


Outside setting even if it rains, bring your dog.


All Meals and Salads are Naturally Gluten Free, some Naturally Dairy Free and Vegan.


We will be closed July 4 and July 5 we will reopen to normal business hours on Thursday July 6.

                                             Happy July 4!




Café Chocolade Signature Salad

Mixed greens tossed in an aged Balsamic vinaigrette, topped with fresh, baby carrots, radish, grapes, bell pepper, sweet peas, cucumber, mozzarella, toasted sliced almonds,

our daily croutons and drizzled with an aged balsamic vinegar.

Small salad $7.00

Large salad $ 10.00

V, NF, SF, CF, PF all available, OLV, GF, EF

Add some Goat cheese or Feta $ 1.00 extra

Add some dairy free cheese $ 2.00 extra

Add our in house made vegan cheese $ 4.00 extra


Cashew Cheese Plate

In house made cashew based vegan cheese, toasted baguette and a small side salad.

$ 9.00



Mixed Green and Blueberry Salad

Mixed greens tossed in a lemon poppy seed dressing and topped with fresh blueberries,

 cherry tomato, snap peas, French green beans and topped with toasted almonds

and our multi grain croutons.


$ 8.00


Main Course’s


OLV-Ovo Lacto Vegetarian, GF-Gluten Free, SF-Soy Free, CF-Corn Free,

NF-Nut Free, V-Vegan, EF-Egg Free, DF-Dairy Free, PF-Potato Free



We start with two per day, flavor changes daily.

We have a vegan and a non-vegan

$ 5.50, add a house salad $ 12.50 let us know if you need SF, PF, NF, CF

OLV, GF, usually NF, V option available


Baked Salmon

Baked to order fresh marinated salmon baked with your choice of:

 Pecan butter Or Sundried tomato pesto Or Basil Pesto Or Balsamic glaze.

$ 10.50 or add a house salad $ 17.00 let us know if you need SF, PF, NF, CF 

GF, SF, CF, EF, PF, some NF and DF


Enchiladas Cups

Baked corn tortillas, filled with sautéed black beans, cheddar cheese, roasted chicken, tomato salsa and fresh avocado.

$ 8.00 add a house salad $ 14.00


V option available just let us know, sautéed veggies and dairy free cheddar cheese, $ 1.50 extra



Black Angus Burger Or Black Bean Burger

Seasoned Angus beef baked to order, served on a cheddar cheese bun,

layered with The Happy Vegan almond spread, mixed greens, tomato, cheddar cheese and avocado.

$ 10.00 add a house salad $ 16.00


V option Black Bean Burger with dairy free cheddar cheese $ 1.50 extra


Flat bread and Salad

Our normal house salad served with an Italian flat bread

and a side of dipping extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze.

$ 11.25


V option, GF, SF, CF, NF

V option available, same Italian flat bread just made vegan $ 1.50 extra


Crab Cake Salad

Seasoned and baked to order crab cake served on our large house salad.

$ 18.00



Pizza, pick one from our 3 choices:

Our normal soft and puffy multi grain crust topped with:


Mexican Pizza

Sautéed black beans, tomato salsa, cheddar cheese and fresh avocado


V option available just let us know $ 1.50 extra


Pierogi Pizza

Our mashed potatoes we always make and topped with cheddar cheese.


V option available just let us know $ 1.50 extra



Roasted Chicken Pizza

Roasted and pulled chicken, cherry tomatoes, snap peas and cheddar cheese.


All $ 11.00 add a house salad $ 17.00



  This week’s Gourmet Gluten Free Breads


By preorder only

For all breads

*minimum one-day notice



Minimum 2 per order

Sesame, Toasted onion or Poppy seed



Burger Buns

Minimum 2 per order



Multi Grain Pizza Crust

Minimum 2 per order



This Weeks Gourmet Gluten Free Vegan Cheese


Cashew based wrapped in dried herbs and sea salt

Only at Café Chocolade!


A and Diamond rated by the Allegheny Health Department again, make sure your Bakery or Restaurant is A and Diamond rated as well.

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