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Café Chocolade

Saturday The 20 Brunch Menu

We are a dedicated gluten free café, bakery and are vegan friendly.


BYObottle is fine, $ 2.00 per bottle.


Brunch is served on Saturday from 10:30 AM until 2 PM.


Sometimes things run out we make everything from scratch and in small batches so its fresh for you, Thank you for understanding.


If you have any other food allergies besides GF or V just let us know.




Café Chocolade Signature Salad

Mixed greens tossed in an aged Balsamic vinaigrette, topped with fresh, baby carrots, radish, grapes, bell pepper, sweet peas, cucumber, mozzarella, toasted sliced almonds,

our in house made croutons and drizzled with an aged balsamic vinegar.

Small salad $7.00

Large salad $ 10.00

V, NF, SF, CPF, PF all available, OLV, GF, EF

Add some Goat cheese or Feta $ 1.00 extra

Add some dairy free cheese $ 1.50 extra

Add our in house made vegan cheese $ 4.00 extra


Cheese Plate

In house made vegan cheese’s, flavors change, 3 different types, toasted baguette and a small salad.

$ 11.00



Main Items



Made to order large crepe filled with your choice of:

1.     Sautéed apples, Banana, Walnuts and spices, topped with powdered sugar Or

2.     Melted chocolate, seasonal fruit and topped with a chocolate ganache Or

3.     Sautéed mixed veggies, mozzarella and cashews, topped with a white wine cream sauce.


#3. DF cheese and Almond milk sauce available

$ 9.00



We start with two per day, flavor changes daily.

We have a vegan and a non-vegan

$ 6.00 each

OLV, GF, CPF, Vegan option available



Made to order and topped with butter (DF butter available), and your choice of:

1.      Sautéed apples, Banana, Walnuts and spices, topped with powdered sugar Or

2.      Melted dark chocolate, seasonal fruit and drizzled with a chocolate ganache

3.      Smothered with Raspberry Jam

GF, CPF, SF, V, # 2, 3 NF

$ 9.00


 Muffin or Scone of the Day

Sometimes contains nuts let us know if you have an allergy


$ 3.00


Roasted Potato Black Bean Burger

Seasoned and roasted baby potatoes, served over a in house made black bean burger and topped with tomato salsa, cheddar cheese and fresh avocado.


DF cheese available

$ 11.00


For Dessert, we always have an array of fresh GF and GF/V items to choose from, be it macarons, cupcakes, slices of cake, mousse cakes, brownies, biscotti, cookies or hand made in house candies.


We are the only GF/V bakery, café that roasts their own coffee beans, so you know its fresh and safe.


Reservations are not necessary, but recommended, if you know you are coming give us a call and we will set a table aside for you.

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