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Vegan and dedicated Gluten Free
We are continually working on new gluten free and vegan items. I understand when you go out you wish to eat what you would like and not get sick. I know, I have been a vegetarian since 1987 and gluten free since 2014, and I am vegan myself. So, I try to make gluten free vegan diet as normal as I can, you should enjoy your food not just eat it. I keep trying new things every week. Every day I usually start with around 100+ gluten free items and around 60+ sometimes more of them are gluten free vegan and I still keep making more items. All my starches I import and everything is organic no GMOs.

I do have so far and more to come.

Not all items always available all the time

Now we have GF/V Macarons

Dry Pastas
                                          18 different types

Roasted Potato
Sweet Potato
Asparagus Mozzarella  
Basil Pesto

                              I make corn and flour (starch) tortillas
                                         I can make 20 different types


Cakes and Cupcakes

All our cakes and cupcakes are soy free.

They are not dry, dense or crumbly they are cut into three layers not baked and stacked.

I usually have two types of cupcakes sometimes more and one or three cakes, flavor always changes.
We even make cake pops.


I make a different flavored frittata every day.

Multi Grain Crackers

Every week I have a different flavor

We make more breads then anyone around
I now make around 60+ different breads

Baguette, the only GF and V in Pittsburgh
Multi Grain Soft Cheddar Cheese Pretzels
Multi Grain loaf bread-I can add other ingredient's
Example- pecans, cranberries, toasted onion etc.
Olive Oil Almond Milk Bread
Super Soft White Sandwich Bread
I can add flavors to this
Mozzarella Focaccia-I can put other items on top
Rosemary, cherry tomato, basil pesto etc. 
Plain Pizza Crust
Herbed Plain Pizza Crust
Multi Grain Pizza Crust
Multi Grain Baguette
Stuffed Bagels


Stuffed Bagels

Cheesecake made with cream cheese not cashews

Energy Bites
Fresh dried fruits and nuts, like a bar just bite sized

Granola Bars

We make a different Vegan Cheeses each Week
All our cheeses are GF and V, no other restaurant in the Pittsburgh area has GF and V cheeses, they are made in a gluten based kitchen.

Cashew Based Cheese Spreads

Not all items available all the time

Special Requests

On most everything special requests are possible
Wedding, specialty cakes or cupcakes just ask, its your cake we do it your way. 


Each week our lunch menu changes and most often 15 or more are or can be made vegan. So, take a look at this week’s lunch specials page.


Need a luncheon or special party catered we can do that, we make the menu around your allergies and budget.  

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