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 Café Chocolade Gourmet Gluten Free Products
We have been working with recipes and have come up with a number of wonderful gluten free pastries and breads we know you will love. Not all these items available all the time, you can make a special order.

                             We take Gluten Free to the next level.

                            WTAE Pittsburgh Channel 4, Dec. 2016
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Allegheny West Magazine July, 2016
We where also the cover photo

                                                 Find Me Gluten Free
Best Gluten Free in Pittsburgh

Find Me Gluten Free
Best Gluten Free in Pittsburgh

In Allegheny West Winter Issue
Page 30

One of Pittsburgh's 7 Healthiest Bakeries   

Best of the Burgh
One of Pittsburgh's Best Gluten Free
By: Pittsburgh Magazine

One of Pittsburgh's Best Gluten Free
By: Find Me Gluten Free

Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh
One of Pittsburgh's Best Gluten Free
By: Pittsburgh Magazine

Let them Eat Cake
By: Pittsburgh's Midwife center
Peoples Choice
for our Gluten Free
9 Layers of temptation cake 

Best Gluten Free Restaurant in Pittsburgh

One of Pittsburgh's Top Gluten Free
By: Find Me Gluten Free

Best Gluten Free Restaurant and Bakery in Pittsburgh
Top Gluten Free in Pittsburgh
By: Find Me Gluten Free
The Best Gluten Free Friendly
By: Pittsburgh Magazine
We also offer Gluten Free lunch items, they change daily and weekly.
Please take a look at our lunch special page.
We also cater, not just the best Gluten Free pastries also savory items!

Not all items available all the time.
Call if you see something you like!

                            We even make our own Vanilla Root Beer
Who else makes their own sodas?
We also have:
Vanilla Cream Soda
Spicy  Ginger Beer
Orange soda
Naturally GF/DF/AF

Christmas Stolen and Nut Rolls
Now we make your classic Christmas German Fruit Stolen
Your Traditional Hungarian Nut Roll
A light crust with more filling then dough. Not flat and dry.
Pecan and

New Years Pretzels

Gourmet Multi Grain Crackers
Now we offer GF, DF, V multi grain crackers.
Now you can have a gourmet cheese plate.

We even make croissant crackers, they are very flaky and have the same flavor as a normal croissant.

Berry Short Cakes
Now we can make short cakes, you said you have not had any short cakes in years, now you can order some for at home.

Only at Café Chocolade
When was the last time you had GF Pierogi?
Potato and Mild Swiss Cheese
Bacon and Cheddar Cheese
Jalapeño and Cheddar Cheese 

Soft Pretzels
The only and of course the Best soft pretzels in Pittsburgh!
The are even better then a gluten pretzel, just like all our GF products, they are not starchy, heavy or grainy.
Now we make multi grain soft pretzels.

We now offer more then 45 Gourmet flavored or more types of pasta, they do not fall apart and you will not know they are Gluten Free.
All of dry pastas are GF, SF, DF, V and CF
Buy them by the 1/2 pound or pound.
Give us a call.
More flavors on the way.
I as well make special flavors from time to time
Now we can make a number of new fresh pastas:
We offer a fresh pasta daily in addition to our number of dry pastas. Some of the flavors of our fresh pasta are or a combination 
Flat pasta for raviolis.
Four Cheese and Pesto Raviolis and more.

If you need a special pasta for a party just let us know, if I have the ingredients I will make it for you. 

We have more gourmet pastas then most shopping markets or any other restaurant or bakery in the Pittsburgh area.
Who else has over 45 types of Gourmet Gluten Free or GF/V Pastas, fresh pasta or Raviolis and 5 + Gnocchi?

Now we make Asparagus Mozzarella, Pumpkin, Roasted Potato,
Ricotta, Yam and we even make Sweet Potato gnocchi and more.
Which market, restaurant or bakery has 6 types of GF/V Gnocchi?

Need a dozen crepes for dinner, we can do that. We make GF crepes for lunch and if you need crepes for a dinner party we can do that.

Flour Tortillas
Now you can have your favorite Burrito or Quesadilla for dinner.  
Where else can you get GF flour tortillas, we even make them in flavors!

 Want a pizza for dinner, call and I can have some dough for you to take home for your favorite Gluten Free pizza any time. I press it out and you just add your favorite toppings and you bake it when your ready. We make a white, herbed white and a multi grain crust. Our crust are not a flat cracker dry and no flavor. Our crusts are soft and puffy just like a gluten pizza you remember, I have tried other local crusts, always flat and like eating a cracker try ours, I know you will love our products!

We offer and cheesy Herbed Focaccia, just like what you remember just gluten free. 

I offer a GF Quiche every day, the flavor changes each day, stop by for a slice or with a salad. Sometimes even a vegan one as well.

Bread and Rolls
We now offer a multi grain bread (the best Gluten Free bread you will ever have!!!), you will not find this bread anywhere else only at Café Chocolade,  we make over 60+ different breads, they are never hard, grainy or dense.
Our bread you do not have to freeze or toast to make it taste good or last. You can just slice it and enjoy. 

We do not sell frozen or day old bread, so please give me a call so I can make it fresh just for you!

All of our cakes are soy free, all special cakes birthday and such must be placed a minimum of 24 hours (depends on the order and how many orders I have ahead of you at the time) in advance 48 is more helpful, Thank you for understanding. All our products are made in small batches and special cakes are only to order so you get a fresh product.

Just ask and I can make almost what ever you wish!
If you need special cakes, Wedding cake, Birthday or just a family cake, we can make what ever you wish. All
of our cakes are made to order just for you, we cut our cakes in three layers, (or more layers if you wish) so you get three layers of cake and three layers of cream. We can build your cake as you wish.
Pastry cream, lemon curd, chocolate ganache, mousse be it fruit, chocolate or as you wish.
Also we do Wedding cakes, again as you wish, its your cake we make it as you wish! Are cakes a very light, not heavy and dense. You will not know you are eating a Gluten Free cake, our cakes and cupcakes a very light and fluffy just like a Gluten cake would be just Gluten Free, Try us and you will see why we are the 
best in Pittsburgh.
Cupcakes, (Blackberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Raspberry to name a few).
Chocolate Cake or vanilla, our cakes are layered in three. Three layers of cakes and three layers of filling.
Kugelhopf, Kuglof be it chocolate, vanilla, mixed, nuts, fruit flavors or chocolate covered.
Sacher Torta
A rich chocolate cake, with a rum syrup and layered with apricot jam and coated with a fudge type glaze.
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Our Chocolate Mousse cake we always have, a rich dense chocolate layer covered with a light chocolate mousse and covered with a rich chocolate ganache.
Pound Cake, vanilla, chocolate, fruit, pumpkin etc.
A rich dense very chocolaty espresso and Kahlua cream cheese delight.
Chocolate Muffins
Fruit pies for your Thanksgiving parties
Fresh Fruit Tartes
Filled with lemon curd or pastry cream, topped with fresh fruit and a light glaze.
Pies, most any kind you wish for your Thanksgiving parties
Chocolate chip cookies cakes.

We can as well make sandwich bread, egg or milk bread.
These taste like bread, not gluten free bread!
These breads have shelf life, you will not have to freeze it, the flavor does not change or dry out or crumble.

Not all items available all the time

And all of these items you will not know the difference, they are really
that good. All my gluten clients eat my gluten free just the same, they like my items better then the gluten items you can get else where. I have tried the products from the local stores and bakeries and I know you will love these items, I make them in small amounts so they are fresh, and you will not have to travel across town!
We do not offer all these items all the time but I will try to have something always available, I can do any of these items on special order any time.
Cafe Chocolade
We are a small bakery and wish everything to be the best for you, if you know you are coming our way call ahead and I will make it special for you. We do not have every item all the time. I do have on average 40 trays of sweet items daily and candies, cookies and biscotti. So we start the day with usually around 100 different gluten free items. Sometimes things run out so please understand and that means they are selling and made fresh anew.  So call ahead and we will make it just for you or set it aside for when you come in.
Maybe not the biggest or most popular but truly the best Gourmet  gluten free. We can make most all of our items dairy free by request and we do use eggs. Some items we also make vegan. No one else in the Pittsburgh area has a many Gourmet gluten free and now vegan items as we do. Try our items and you will see why we are the Best Gourmet Gluten Free, vegan Bakery and Restaurant in the Pittsburgh area!
As seen on WTAE channel 4 Pittsburgh and KDKA. 
Thank you for your understanding.
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