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Café Chocolade freshly Roasted Coffee Beans


These are the coffee beans we offer, we roast our own beans, so you know they are free of any other allergens. We have Daterra beans. We roast at least twice a week in small batches, so you know its fresh. We roast a different bean each time. We serve in single origins, so you get the flavor of this bean not a mix of beans. We do offer our coffee for sale as whole beans as well as coffee in our bakery/café.



Origin: Brazil

A high altitude grown coffee

These Acaua cherries were left untouched on the trees until they reached an over-ripe maturation. They were later hand – picked and had their drying process finished on raised beds.

Notes: yellow fruits, almond, dark chocolate



Origin: Brazil

A high altitude grown coffee

About this Coffee: The Catucai cherries were left on the plants until reaching the raisin maturation level. After careful picking, the drying process combined raised beds and drum dryers, achieving perfectly uniform humidity.

Notes: floral, tropical fruits, mango, and papaya



Origin: Brazil

A high altitude grown coffee

Cupping Notes:  Smooth and nicely fruity with a pronounced sweet aroma and

taste. Medium to low acidity with chocolate notes in the cup. Creamy-caramel,

smooth finish.


Daterra just achieved the world's highest sustainability recognition! They are the first farm in the world to receive "Level A" certification from Rainforest Alliance.




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